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This jammy page is jam-packed with all kinds of jammy goodies from jammy news to jammilicious food to homemade jam videos of jamming sessions. Maintained by jam lovers trying to jam their heads with more medical jam. Welcomes all jam-lovers to savour the jams of our labour!


We here at JAM would like to apologize for the lack of updates. It's THAT time of the year again, complete with the sweltering hot weather. Hang in there, people! Just a couple of weeks more and we're going hoooome! Meanwhile, get out your fans and shorts and hit the books! A big congratulations to our seniors for getting through! You guys are doctors now! :)


Since April 2009, a charity project- LOVE LIFE has benefited children with cancer by spreading the message of love life, never give up with the support of artists and entertainers from Taiwan. It was spearheaded by one of Taiwan's top host Blackie Chen 陳建州 (黑人). In 2010, the LOVE LIFE movement has started in Hong Kong. In April 2010, a brand new initiative is taking stride benefiting children with autism, down's syndrome and cerebral palsy.

LOVE LIFE commercial

LOVE LIFE commercial- English version

Let's LOVE LIFE together!

survivors of metro blast in Park Kulturi, Moscow 29/03/10

40 people were killed and more than 70 injured in two suicide bomb attacks on the Moscow Metro Lubyanka and Park Kulturi during the morning rush hour. Thank God for Sim, Hua Sheng, See How, Elaine, Chee Kent and David! They escaped from the fatal bombing attack on 29/03/10 at Park Kulturi metro station as they were travelling to their surgery class with a female suicide bomber in the same wagon. Sim and Hua Sheng were actually very near to her, about 1 meter away from her. Praise God!

I really thank God for saving all of my friends here. Sim was discharged on 31/03/10 with minor injury on his left leg. His testimony video is attached below.

Elaine and Chee Kent are now still receiving treatment in hospital. Let's pray for them together.

Condolences to victims of Moscow metro blasts at Lubyanka and Park Kulturi on 29/03/10.

credits to LIFENEWS.RU

Tony & Fish

Fish Leong and Tony Chao from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Super Junior M "Super Girl"

Super Junior "It's You"

Super Junior "It's You"

Super Junior "Sorry Sorry"